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My Therapy Session with Dr. Sigmund Food (Food Intolerances) Humor 
The "La Cucaracha" Memoir
The Food Safety Inspector  Humor  Memoir
Mark Bittman Ate Here  Food Politics
Cashewal Sex  Humor  
OMG…GMO! TMI? WTF!?  Food Politics (My Guest Post)

My Girl Scout Cookie Cartel Makeover  Humor Food Politics

Forgive Me Rabbi For I Have Sinned  Memoir Food Politics

P-Whipped  Memoir Food Politics

My Therapy Session with Dr. Sigmund Food (Guy Trouble)  Humor Food Politics

My Healthy Girl Scout Cookie Makeover  Humor Food Politics

MLK and Cookies  Humor
Girl’s Fruitcake Memory, Interrupted   Memoir Food Politics
Hope on a Farm in Watts  Food Politics
Monsanto: the Cereal Rapist  Food Politics
Here’s to Life  Memoir
Ms. Splenda  Memoir Food Politics
The Plastic Eater  Memoir Food Politics


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