Monday, October 17, 2011

Single Bite: "Occupy LA"

Got Milked?, Downtown Los Angeles

When a friend of mine asked me to come up with a line for her "Occupy LA" sign, I was chomping at the bit to help her out—even though I had my own anti-GMO signs to come up with for a different rally. But it didn't take long before this one came to me. Another variation was, Got Milked by the 1%? She said, "I think your blog has you thinking of food-related humor 24/7." After pointing out a sign I liked from "Occupy Wall Street" that said End the Fed, I realized she might be right. Happy one-month anniversary to the Occupation!


  1. I'm waiting for the story you told at dinner...

  2. I am having trouble commenting here... mostly because I am wondering about the story you told Louise. Which leads me to ask what dinner? GREG

  3. u have been remixed: