Monday, November 28, 2011

Travel Bite: Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market, Part 2

I showed you the inside of San Francisco's Ferry Building foodie mecca in Part 1, but on Saturdays, the huge Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market takes place outside. Located on the embarcadero, it’s one of the premier farmers' markets in the country for local, sustainable and organic produce, meat and all things artisanal. As much as the snarktastic Anthony Bourdain wanted to hate it, he couldn’t help but rave (watch video). Did the churro man pay him to play nice?

See the sugary, fried dot in front of the building in the top photo? It's the churros (You may want to brush up on your Where's Waldo first). Farmers' market vendors are set up in the front and wrap all the way around the building to the back where a lively scene (hey, I like banjo music) and motley crew overlook the bay (no pic, but trust me, there's water back there).

You'll need plenty of water with all this heat.

Even the pistachios were jalapeno and habanero flavored. In case of fire, drink bay.

Claiming "raw, organic goodness," Farmhouse Culture got in on the heat too with smoked jalapeno kraut. Not that the horseradish leek is for wusses or anything.

Fashionista farmers say solids are out this season. Except for the color orange.

Plenty of wild shrooms were out back, while far-out ones from Far West Fungi were inside.

Frog Hollow Farm has a shop inside, but on Saturdays, it spills out into the market out back. I had one of everything. Including the sack.

Across the street was a craft fair, but I didn't see a single craft beer. For that you either have to head back inside the Ferry building or BYOCB (Bring Your Own Craft Beer).

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  1. Adair! I just found out that 4505 Meats has a booth at Ferry Plaza, and Martha Stewart once ate there. Your veg and mushrooms are gorgeous, and the sauerkraut guy looks fascinating. But I need you to check out the meat for me! I am thinking of ordering from them online. And did you try the Boccalone salted pig parts? *oops* you aren't vegetarian, are you?

  2. Hi Becky! I didn't have any meat there. I ate at a Japanese deli in the Ferry Building (Delica) and had some Frog Hollow Farm pastries, tried a vegan donut and a coconut cream pie (like in photo). I can't check out the meat because I don't live in San Fran. I'm in LA! Just do some Google sleuthing and I'm sure you'll know what to do. Let me know how it is if you buy anything (although I am close to being a vegetarian).

  3. Dear Lentil, I am going to make a trip to San Francisco just for the churros, one of my all time favorite goodies. And the sauerkrauts. So intriguing. The horseradish leek is calling to me. Love your photos.

  4. Okay! I'm all about local food but I can't find certain grassfed meat items here. And if you find yourself feeling blue a lot, check out the connection between depression and the lack of natural saturated fat (grassfed animal, coconut oil) in the diet. "Vegan donut?" Isn't that just a euphemism for "refined sugar and flour fried in heat-and-chemical processed seed or legume oils?" I'll say no more about toxic, nutrient-deficient foods, but remain yours affectionately. :)

  5. And yes, I totally agree that horseradish leek sauerkraut sounds compelling!

  6. Hi Adair - Would have loved to take this eating adventure with you. Last time I was in San Fran, we checked on the mid-week farmers market. Not nearly as many vendors. Loved the veggies pics and would have liked to have tried the kraut too.

  7. Craft beer doesn't last long at a Craft Fair. there's nothing else to do but drink... GREG

  8. Becky: I believe in eating sweets as a treat, but not as an everyday thing. But an organic donut at least doesn't use GMO oil! I eat plenty of nuts, so I get saturated fats (from avocados too), and I just bought some coconut oil for the first time.