Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Travel Bite: American Empire Abroad

Prague, Czech Republic

Not to be outdone by the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, American emperor Ray Kroc brought his arches to Europe, poised for a hostile takeover of the old world.

Vienna, Austria

Kroc conquered the Austro-Hungarian Empire by craftily diverting its people into his territory.

Budapest, Hungary

An American King arrived and had the Hungary masses eating out of his hands with the promise of supersizing.

Istanbul, Turkey

An American Colonel incited a poultry war on the Ottoman Empire by introducing his chicken to Turkey. A truce was finally reached, resulting in the "Finger-lickin’ Good Piece Treaty."

(I took these photos on sundry trips abroad.)


  1. I was so happy when they closed the McDonald's in Aachen, Germany. It was an eyesore in such a beautiful city.

  2. From all I see around here in Vienna, the place is always packed. They either have a great take-over strategy or the people are lining up for Happy Pills. ;-)

  3. I know exactly where that McDonalds is. I think there's a school across the street. American imperialist marketing it seems to me. GREG

  4. Nice to meet you Sunday. So funny you did this post. Our college-aged son just came back from a three week trip to London, Nice, Madrid, Barcelona and Rome. He had a wonderful time. From his credit card statement, we could see he ate at tapas bars in Spain and outdoor cafes in Rome and at MacDonald's in every city on his trip!