Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hatch Chile Art Class 101

Apply colors and fire up the kiln.

Add black until they're charred, blistered and soft.

Let sweat for 20 minutes.

When cool, strip away the outer layer of paint.

Stand back and admire your work.

Build mixed media installation by arranging them in flat rows between sheets of wax paper. Place in container and freeze.

Lentil's Breakdown

  • Orange or red Hatch chiles are riper than green ones.
  • You can roast chiles on an outdoor grill, broiler, grill pan, or roast over an open flame on the stove.
  • I prefer to let the warm chiles sweat in a paper bag rather than plastic, so the toxins from the hot plastic don’t leach into the chiles.
  • For a good tutorial, see How to Roast Hatch Chiles at Shockingly Delicious (but use paper bag).
  • Hatch chiles from New Mexico are available from Melissa’s Produce.


  1. What, no poem? Poems are art, too.

    Thanks for linking to my tutorial on how to roast Hatch chiles. I'll try the paper bag next time instead of plastic, too.

  2. Only a creative mind such as yours could elevate the already iconic Hatch Chiles to a higher, artistic level. Beautiful job!

  3. this is art I'd put on my walls - for sure!

  4. You are so creative. Maybe you should get a job in Marketing or for a PR firm. They'd never let you go.

  5. I have a batch to process this weekend...

  6. love your nude chile art. thanks for the toxins tip. if i didn't read your blog, who knows what toxins i'd have. and gmos and stuff. i get so much edumacation here.

  7. Nude chilies get chilly? Sorry that the best I got for you! XOGREG