Thursday, June 7, 2012

Travel Bite: Fashionista Farmer

L.L. Bean

I just returned from the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market where I got a preview of the new summer fashions. The last time I was there, Kenneth Cole Slaw made a colorful splash with his eye-catching ensemble. And though the chile season hasn't arrived yet, this year’s designers proved to be just as haute. Here’s a quick runway rundown with the Prada of produce. While some of the supermodels may be beanpoles, none show signs of starvation. Eat that, Kate Moss!

J. Crudité


Juicy Couture

Kalamata Klein

Chévre Saint Laurent

Karl Lavender Field

Coq au vin Chanel

Todd Old Ham


  1. Well, I want some of that bread! And I would like to know if the woman in the Karl Lavender Field is real or a dummy.

  2. Lynne: She is called The Lavender Lady and sells lavender sachets!

  3. Great photos and captions -- too funny! What a gorgeous market - the chevre and bread are works of art.

  4. Our farmers' market opens tonight....