Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Baby Names for Foodies

Expecting a bundle of bok choy joy? Here are six lists of baby names that will put the ‘munch’ in your little munchkin’s moniker. Whether it's baby names for foodies, vegans, paleos, junk-food junkies, drinkers or bakers, there's something from the Lentil Breakdown naming incubator that's sure to fit your high chair.

These baby names for vegans were not tested on animals.

Baby names for paleos were conceived of in a grain-free facility.

These baby names for junk-food junkies are free of all nutrients.

These baby names for drinkers do not include Shirley Temple.

These baby names for bakers contain gluten and dairy.

No child should go hungry or unnamed. Please pin and share these with your friends. Bon appétit teat!

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  1. Fabulous Lentil!! How about baby names for the French foodies? Bijouxs?

  2. Hilarious! Adairy-Free you are funny... GREG

  3. Love these lists! So funny. :)

  4. Where do you get this stuff! You always make me smile :))

  5. What you publish here would make the most original "cook" book on the market - I'm sure of it!

  6. you are brilliant! so funny! love it!!!

  7. When my mother was substitute teaching elementary school, she would come home and regale us with the names she would hear in the classroom. It's sad how many actual Chardonnays and Chablis she met- not to mention the lower rent Cribari.

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