Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fashionista Farmer: Santa Fe Print Edition, Part 2

If you saw my post from the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market featuring prints charming, then you must be chomping at the bit to meet the Royals. What constitutes fashionista-farmer royalty? Is it organic, fair-trade, non-GMO, gluten-free, cruelty-free, rainforest alliance certifications? Nice try, but no. The farmers must simply display their wares with artistic flair, a sense of style and be farmstand eye candy. And for bonus points, their clothing must be color-coordinated with their products. Yep, I make the rules around here, and that’s what constitutes fashionista-farmer royalty. If you beg to differ, please take it up with the authorities by filing a formal complaint at the Bureau of Fashionista Farmers. In the meantime, eye some candy.

Mixed Greens and 50 Shades of Gray
Both provocative and high in folate, the man in gray and his matching ensemble was Prints Charming-certified.

Salve-y Lady 
This herbal salve seller rubbed me the right way with her originality.

Chimayo Red-hot Couture 
His clothing may have been half-baked, but his shades, hat and tablecloth provided the sizzle—along with the chile, natch.

Multi-hued Hot Couture Ensemble
Between her chile print apron and his hot, red shirt, they proved to be worthy chile-istas.

Earth Mother Ensemble
Her sage wisdom shone through with a retro, herbal-forward sensibility.

Karl Lavender Field
His many products went on like lavender fields forever. He even grew his own shirt. 

Aqua and Taupe Scone Ensemble, Sans Gluten
In addition to baking gluten-free, she gets bonus points for her fully baked color vision.

Beet Scone Ensemble, Sans Gluten
She also gets bonus points for matching. I hope the scones taste as good as the ensemble looks.

Hemp-glassed Baker, Sans Hemp
I didn't see hemp listed as an ingredient, but he still gets points for his whacky vision.

Batik Chic Baker 
What a pleasing pastry presentation, down to his coordinated shirt. Kudos, baker dude!

Cafe Accompaniment in Pink
He even matched the bacon, but regrettably, not the breakfast burrito. 

Which is your favorite fashionista farmer?

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  1. Love this post! It is a toss up for me between the Cafe Accompaniment in Pink & the Batik Chic Baker. What a fun market and creative view of it.

  2. I'd have to vote for the Baker Dude. Though I might have to see him without his clothes to know for sure! GREG

  3. I'm going for the Pink violinist as he's SOOOO cute! What a fab post, Adair and such a great market!

  4. Adair, I love your humor, it makes me feel good! Thanks! Ruth Y

  5. I love Earth Mother Ensemble , this was a great, spin on fashion and eating lol