Saturday, February 13, 2010

Travel Bite: Market Day, Chiapas, Mexico

I took these photos on market day in San Cristóbal de las Casas in Chiapas, Mexico, the southernmost state that borders Guatemala. San Cristóbal was an original Zapatista rebel stronghold, but today it's much safer than it once was. This fascinating place rooted in Mayan culture is the main market town for the Mayan Indians who live in all the surrounding villages—a colorful region known for its textiles, crafts and coffee.

The Mayans carry their chickens like the French carry their baguettes.

Since I was the only gringa at the mercado, it was tricky taking pictures without standing out. The Indians weren't really jonesing for a Kodak moment, you know?

Note to self: next time bring along a chicken so you'll blend.


  1. I love your action shots! They remind me of shoppping in the mercados in Mexico with my grandmother. I've never been to Chiapas (i'm dying to take a re-discovery trip to my native land!) but I've noticed that all the food markets in Mexico tend to have the same comforting feeling, sights, and smells wherever you are in the country.

  2. Thanks, Erika. Would love to hear where you've been in Mexico. I love it there!