Sunday, June 27, 2010

Travel Bite: An English-Breakfast Theory

When I was in London a couple of years ago, this breakfast of clogged-artery champions was included with my hotel room in Bloomsbury near the British Museum (toasted Wonder® bread and packets of jam not pictured). I have a theory about this type of English breakfast. They serve it so the hotel can charge you for the days you're in the hospital due to cardiac arrest if you haven't officially checked out of the room yet.

When I returned to London last year, in an effort to potentially bypass a quadrupled hotel bill, I chose a Notting Hill hotel that served this continental breakfast (croissants are the good cholesterol, right?).

My advice is if you're planning to have a heart attack while visiting England, check out of the room first. That way, with their nationalized healthcare system, your hospital/hotel room will be covered.


  1. You'll never sell me on the idea that those sorts of fats (in moderation) are bad for you. I believe man (& woman) moved to the top of the food chain by eating flesh. We developed our, bodies by eating flesh, we developed our brains by eating flesh. I am not really looking for a fist fight, but I do like a lively discussion.

    Because, it's way more complicated than "Fat Is Bad".

    Though I agree I need to use the word moderation. But I think all the fake-food-trans-unsaturated-poly-unglutamated-fats are the devil behind all the craziness that has destroyed good eating habits. Too much of too many rules means... failure. Failure means... self-destructive behavior! Self-destructive behavior means eating too much of the the wrong stuff... and on and on! I practice what the French and Italian preach and I am happy, and healthy...(for my advanced age)! GREG

  2. I'm just saying I didn't want all that fat for breakfast. Maybe lunch. ; )

  3. I'm with Sippity - moderation. Give me the egg and the ham but I'll skip those beans. I love legumes but from what I remember I couldn't get with them - breakfast or otherwise.

  4. I am spending my days with my 100% English cousins and they love to eat normal lebanese food and don't seem to miss that stuff; I will quiz them on it though; as usual reading you makes me laugh!

  5. I thought the English breakfast was great. Actually I had it in Scotland, but English bangers are sublime! It gives you a lot of energy for climbing around in those castles.

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