Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ode to a Monk

We fly so high above the choir

My nutty, naughty frequent friar

Before I had you, who’d ‘a thunk

I’d get such pleasure from a monk


  1. I love your odes! And I love Frangelico - my mom used to put it in her biscotti. YUM!

    What did you use it for?

  2. Mollie, I am planning to use it for the cake I had at Babbo—the chocolate hazelnut cake to die for.

  3. Hilarious! Just hilarious! Particularly fond of "frequent friar" ... you have such a way with words! :)

  4. Thanks, Diva!

    Andrea, you don't like Nutella? Don't think I've met anyone who fits that description!

  5. I'm a fella

    That loves the Hella

    Outta Nutella!

  6. But do you-a
    like Kahlua
    as much as I do-a?

  7. I love the clever poem (of course) you are so good with words (and rhymes). But what did you do with the monk? In my opinion he needs a partner to sing. GREG

  8. Great poem! I envy people with that skill! I could never have done it, not in a million years!
    I am waiting for your post on that cake; can't think of a better pairing for chocolate than hazelnuts! (even if the recipe comes from that gorilla mario)
    and I belong to the " don't love nutella club"

  9. Grand Marnier is my game but Frangelico is lovely as well. I never had hazelnuts growing up but fell in love with the flavor while in France. They are not always easy to find here in the states.

  10. LOL!!!
    Frangelico is a must-have for Tiramisu.