Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Not Tonight, I Have a Blog Ache

After a cruel day of deadlines, a $1600 mechanic’s bill, and intermittent flashes of early onset Alzheimers, I went into my kitchen to blow off steam. I was going to work my magic from whatever ingredients I could scrounge up. There would be no farmer's market foraging, food fluffing, pretty plating, blurred backgrounds, natural lighting or macro settings. No downloading, uploading, writing, rewriting, editing and hitting Publish.* Tonight was going to be a blog-free me-fest. Just me, my mojo and I.

I chopped. I minced. I diced. I was jammin’ on my knife like Muddy Waters on his axe, wailin’ the blues. Got my mojo working, got my mojo working, Got my mojo working but it just won't work on you. But it uh uh just won't work on you.

I sautéed. I flambéed. I simmered. I was Hendrix with my sauce pan. You should have heard my version of Are You Experienced. Hell yeah I was experienced. I was Hendrix playing with his teeth. My scorching licks could have made a Jonas brother weep.

I sprinkled. I salted. I seasoned. I was Ravi Shankar with my fennel seeds. Into the pan and out to the universe. Long, sustained notes of fragrant nirvana. That’s when I blew the roof off the kitchen. I felt the hot lights and the players and the energy and forgot all about my client and my valve job and my waning memory. My soulful chops reached up to the heavens and kissed the sky.

As those powerful vapors filled the air, I was dizzy and drenched. It was time to sit in the audience and savor the sweet sounds of supper. I tasted. I swallowed. I sighed. I clapped. I whistled. I cried for more. I was on fire tonight. The meal was so good. So mine. And so gone.

* Except for this blog post


  1. Cooking as good as Hendrix plays the guitar... you must have enjoyed one heck of a good meal! ;)

  2. You crack me up!!!!!!!
    OK we are waiting for you to get in the mood and forget about all your woes.

  3. I didn't quite catch what it was than came out of the kitchen outside of euphoria but it must have been tasty.

  4. I get ya! Sometimes it's the experience that's ethereal and not necessarily the end plate.

  5. Andrea, you're so right. It was more about the process and not the final dish. I just enjoyed cooking without having to worry about a photo shoot and blog (until later, anyway : )

  6. Yeah, at my age cooking sometimes is better than... blogging.